I wanted to share with you the story of how Amsterdam Kitten adoptions came into existence.

As an animal control officer, I get called to a number of situations; some we can easily fix and others we can’t. In the summer of 2014 I was called to the scene of a cat  hoarding situation – there were 41 cats and kittens living in the home. With the help of the three local shelters and some good friends, we removed 21 kittens from the home and placed them into foster care. Over the next few weeks, the adult cats were slowly removed and placed in homes or shelters. The wonderful friends who helped foster these kittens ranging in age from 6 days to 16 weeks helped me to find homes for them all, including getting them fixed and vaccinated. From there, we would get random calls to help with kittens found under porches or in garages, or from people who couldn’t afford to keep a litter of kittens. Our foster group increased and Amsterdam Kitten Adoption was born.

Although we had humble beginnings, We became incorporated and became a non-profit (501(c)3) organization. We’re run by a Board of Directors and and a dedicated army of volunteers and fosters that continue to help the community not just by taking in the stray kittens but assisting low income families with spay/neuter costs. We help provide transportation to and from the clinic for those who don’t drive. We have also aided some of our elderly veterans and residents in getting their beloved pets fixed at little or no cost to them. We have brought kittens to our local library and spoken to children about animal care and bite prevention. We’ve even brought a few feline friends to local nursing homes and senior programs so that they could be loved by (and love on) their clients. From our humble beginnings through our current state, we have taken over 300 cats and kittens off the streets and out of unwanted homes and helped them find loving forever homes.


-Gina Kline, Founder